our history


SPES MEA DEUS : God is my hope

Stone medallion engraved in the Château in 1582

Dating to the 13th Century and property of the lords of Beaujeu, the Château de Juliénas was always meant to be a wine property. The North part was re-built at the end of the 16th Century.

The authentic vaulted cellars from local stones were built in 1744.

In 1907, the great grandfather of Thierry, Claude Condemine, bought the Château, restored it, and improved the wine estate.

The vineyard is today 40 hectares in the appellations Juliénas, Fleurie and Moulin-à-Vent, which is the biggest private property in the appellation Juliénas.

   Beyond my job, the Château de Juliénas represents a multitude of stories, 'terroirs', wines... and carries proudly, nationally and internationally, values of authenticity, performance and conviviality.

Wine grower, the most beautiful job in the world? I do think so!

Inhabited by wine growers from generation to generation, le Château de Juliénas is passed on and progresses with time. Planting, pruning, harvest, ...  With my wife Aurélie's help, our work is based by the seasons, the weather, but beyond all that, on the passion and the pleasure to continue my parents' story, and to write our children's.

Finally, with the will to develop a "resaonable agriculture", our wine estate recently received the Terra Vitis Label.


December 2018