Terra Vitis label

Presentation of the Label


Terra Vitis is a network of several hundred vinegrower-winemakers working in every single French vinegrowing region. They share the same love of our generous and living earth and working it respectfully.

Terra Vitis, serving People and the environment

Humankind and its environment are at the heart of the Terra Vitis project. The protection of natural resources is one of the major stakes today, but not the only one. The health of the estate manager and that of their employees, neighbours and consumers is just as important to Terra Vitis.

Terra Vitis is firmly planted on all three pillars of sustainable development; social, environmental and economic.

A trustworthy approach validated by an independent organisation

Terra Vitis is environmental certification and is to be found in all the vinegrowing regions of France. Recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Terra Vitis certification has been awarded the equivalence of level 2 environmental certification.

To be awarded the certification, vinegrower-winemakers have to adhere to a strict set of Terra Vitis specifications. To guarantee the reliability of our approach, an independent organisation regularly carries our inspections, ensuring compliance with these specifications and validating the certification

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