terra vitis approach

Presentation of the Approach



Terra Vitis is a network of several hundred winegrowers from all French wine regions. They share the same love for a generous and living land, worked with respect.

Terra Vitis, at the service of the vine, the Earth and people

Man and his environment are at the center of the Terra Vitis project.  The protection of natural resources is one of the major issues, but it is not the only one. The health of the manager, his employees, his neighbors and consumers are equally important to Terra Vitis.

Terra Vitis is based equally on the three pillars of sustainable development: the environment, the social and the economy.

A credible approach validated by an independent body  

Terra Vitis is an environmental certification present in all French wine regions. Recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Terra Vitis certification has obtained the equivalence of level 2 of the Environmental Certification.

To obtain certification, the winegrowers undertake to respect the Terra Vitis specifications. As a guarantee of the seriousness of the approach, an independent organization regularly checks compliance with the specifications and validates the granting of certification.