prends ton pied
à Bessay

Adopt vines in our organic plot of Bessay

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You are a wine lover or a curious beginner wishing to discover the viticulture of the Beaujolais region, you would like to offer an unusual gift to your loved ones : our box PRENDS TON PIED À BESSAY may interest you.


A small foot for man, a great wine for humanity!

The PRENDS TON PIED À BESSAY box consists of adopting vines in our organic plot of Bessay, in Juliénas.

Godparent of the Gamay vines, you will follow the evolution of your vines during the vintage, visit our estate, participate in the work of the vines and the vinification, and receive a few bottles from the adopted vines with personalized labels. .

Tell your loved ones about the experience you have had in our estate, while you are tasting your own cuvée!


Choose the number of vines you want to adopt for a period of one year.

    - Individual formula: 6, 12 or 24 vines

    - Couple formula: 12 or 24 vines

Upon registration, you will receive your certificate and adoption booklet.

Your name will be affixed to your vines.

You will regularly receive news of the work carried out on your plot and in the cellars.

We will inform you of all the events that we organize.

We will welcome you twice during the year of adoption,

you will discover the work of the vine, the vinification and our wines.

First visit on Saturday June 11, 2022:

- In the morning you discover the work in green according to the vegetative stage of the vines.

- At noon we will picnic together in the vineyards. We provide you with a country basket with local products accompanied by our wines.

- In the afternoon we show you around the winery and the cellars.

Second visit during the harvest, the exact date will be communicated to you 2 weeks in advance

- In the morning you participate in the harvest.

- At noon we will picnic together in the vineyards. Picnic prepared by Marie Dias, chef of the restaurant Le Coq in Juliénas, accompanied by our wines.

- In the afternoon you take part in the vinification in the vat room.

At the end of the year of adoption and the harvest of your vines, you will receive one bottle per vine adopted with a personalized label in your name.

You will receive the bottles at your home during the spring, following the year of adoption.

From November 15 to December 15 we offer free shipping from 36 bottles purchased on our online store.

Offer reserved for customers of legal age only. We cannot accommodate minors.

Offer only available in French.


Individual formula:

- Adoption of 6 vines: 225 EUR

- Adoption of 12 vines: 305 EUR

- Adoption of 24 vines: 455 EUR

Couple formula (vine adopted by 2 people):

- Adoption of 12 vines: 405 EUR

- Adoption of 24 vines: 555 EUR

Reservation by e-mail:

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